Spliced Paradox Cane (video tutorial)

The written version for this tutorial is at: https://motleywoods.com/2020/03/09/spliced-paradox-cane-tutorial/ Learn how to create a striking spliced paradox cane out of polymer clay: Some common steps (e.g. skinner blends) are covered only briefly, but here’s some resources that may help with those skills: Written version of this tutorial: https://motleywoods.com/2020/03/09/spliced-paradox-cane-tutorial/ Uncut footage of the cane assembly andContinue reading “Spliced Paradox Cane (video tutorial)”

Turn a Cheap Pen into a Custom Pen in 59 Minutes With Any Triangle Cane

See how to cover a cheap pen with an existing triangle cane and finish it smoothly and beautifully to create a professional pen without any extra tools or supplies. No lathe, no pen press, no pen kits — just a cheap pen, a triangle cane, and the tools you already use to make and finishContinue reading “Turn a Cheap Pen into a Custom Pen in 59 Minutes With Any Triangle Cane”

Brush Cane Video Tutorial

My very first video tutorial! If you’d like to see more, please subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbut4v30Fv–I_qF3GHmsKw/ In this video, you learn how to make an organic-looking polymer clay cane that imitates a brush stroke of oil paint, and cover a pen barrel with it. I spent a while trying to come up withContinue reading “Brush Cane Video Tutorial”

Spliced Paradox Cane Tutorial

Video version of this written tutorial: This tutorial shows two different ways to arrange the colors in this cane to create two different looks. Below, in the third picture, I also include a third option where you combine both canes alternating to create an additional arrangement. I really love the “paradox cane” for fun visuals.Continue reading “Spliced Paradox Cane Tutorial”

Burgundy Flowers Tutorial

This tutorial is for people comfortable making skinner blends and skinner blend plugs. If you haven’t done either before, here’s some videos on making Skinner blends, and some on how to make a skinner blend plug. It’s a simple tutorial, and I would encourage you to not try to make yours exactly the same asContinue reading “Burgundy Flowers Tutorial”