Spliced Paradox Cane (video tutorial)

The written version for this tutorial is at: https://motleywoods.com/2020/03/09/spliced-paradox-cane-tutorial/ Learn how to create a striking spliced paradox cane out of polymer clay: Some common steps (e.g. skinner blends) are covered only briefly, but here’s some resources that may help with those skills: Written version of this tutorial: https://motleywoods.com/2020/03/09/spliced-paradox-cane-tutorial/ Uncut footage of the cane assembly andContinue reading “Spliced Paradox Cane (video tutorial)”

Turn a Cheap Pen into a Custom Pen in 59 Minutes With Any Triangle Cane

See how to cover a cheap pen with an existing triangle cane and finish it smoothly and beautifully to create a professional pen without any extra tools or supplies. No lathe, no pen press, no pen kits — just a cheap pen, a triangle cane, and the tools you already use to make and finishContinue reading “Turn a Cheap Pen into a Custom Pen in 59 Minutes With Any Triangle Cane”

Brush Cane Video Tutorial

My very first video tutorial! If you’d like to see more, please subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbut4v30Fv–I_qF3GHmsKw/ In this video, you learn how to make an organic-looking polymer clay cane that imitates a brush stroke of oil paint, and cover a pen barrel with it. I spent a while trying to come up withContinue reading “Brush Cane Video Tutorial”

Spliced Paradox Cane Tutorial

Video version of this written tutorial: This tutorial shows two different ways to arrange the colors in this cane to create two different looks. Below, in the third picture, I also include a third option where you combine both canes alternating to create an additional arrangement. I really love the “paradox cane” for fun visuals.Continue reading “Spliced Paradox Cane Tutorial”

Cleaning CA Glue off your bushings

I don’t know why this was so hard to get information on when I first started, but it was! So writing a short post dedicated to the topic. Whether you use non-stick bushings or not, you will end up with CA glue all over your bushings — the main point of the non-stick bushings itContinue reading “Cleaning CA Glue off your bushings”

CA Glue: BSI Odorless vs Mercury Flex

Previously my recommendation was BSI odorless, because it was working sufficiently well for me, and I appreciated the “odorless” aspect, even though the same personal protective equipment is still recommended, because it reduced the chance of problems. Recently however I got a chance to try Mercury flex, and I am now a committed Mercury fan.Continue reading “CA Glue: BSI Odorless vs Mercury Flex”