I have been an artist and craft-maker my entire life, never comfortable for long if I am not creating things. I have sculpted, painted, drawn, quilted, knitted, and crocheted.

For the past few years my medium of choice has been polymer clay, due to its versatility and ability to be finished with a standard home oven with a minimal amount of shrinkage.

More recently, I’ve focused entirely on making pens with polymer clay. I love the idea of a piece of art that is useful, part of your daily life, and that you can touch and manipulate.

Every pen is unique — even the ones with repeating patterns, I put each pattern piece on the pen by hand. Some have 60+ separate pieces all carefully placed on the pen body. I finish them all by hand and assemble and test them before making them available here.

My day job is working as an software engineering executive at a high tech company in Silicon Valley (see my LinkedIn if you’re curious), so my artistic pursuits do not take as much time as I wish they could. I’m also the mother to a smart, silly, and energetic grade school kid who is a budding artist as well.