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Turn a Cheap Pen into a Custom Pen in 59 Minutes With Any Triangle Cane

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See how to cover a cheap pen with an existing triangle cane and finish it smoothly and beautifully to create a professional pen without any extra tools or supplies. No lathe, no pen press, no pen kits — just a cheap pen, a triangle cane, and the tools you already use to make and finish your other clay projects.

I know everyone isn’t as interested in making a zillion pens as I am, so many won’t want to buy dedicated hardware. I wanted to see if I could take what I’ve learned with higher end pens and apply it to a fifty cent disposable pen and still get a great result.

(No cane-making in this video, just covering a pen and how to get a professional finish on it.)

59 minutes:

• 1 minute for disassembly
• 38 minutes to cover the barrel
• 8 minutes to flatten and smooth
• 11 minutes for sand and polish
• 1 minute for assembly

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