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Spliced Paradox Cane (video tutorial)

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The written version for this tutorial is at:

Learn how to create a striking spliced paradox cane out of polymer clay:

Some common steps (e.g. skinner blends) are covered only briefly, but here’s some resources that may help with those skills:

Clay recipes (Kato):

  • Violet: 1 part Magenta, 2 parts Purple
  • Sea Green: 1 part Turquoise, 2 parts Green

Five critical steps:

  1. Reduce and reshape by squeezing the middle — not the ends
  2. Make sure the long back side is well-joined so it doesn’t split later
  3. Re-shape the cane components to a curved “J” shape, not an “L” shape
  4. Always keep corners and edges sharp
  5. Take your time reshaping and arranging the final pieces


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