This page collects my growing collection of articles on how to make pens out of polymer clay.

Upcoming articles will include: how to effectively cover a pen, how to assemble a pen, do I really need a pen press, quick review of pen kits, different ways to cover a pen, what surface techniques work with covering pens, how to modify your clay techniques to work with pens, what makes a good and bad kaleidoscope for a pen, and more

Want to start making pens but not sure where to begin?

Ready to start building your pen barrels?

Don’t have a lathe? How to get set up to finish a pen…:

New to working with CA glue? Some quick intro articles:

Ready to actually finish a pen? Learn about:

Additional articles:

I am very grateful to Toni and Ed Street, whose artwork inspired me and who wrote the articles I used to learn when I was first stumbling through making pens. Without their generosity sharing information on I would not be making pens nearly as well as I am. My intent here is to supplement the information they have shared, and to write for polymer clay artists moving into making pens, rather than for woodworkers interested in learning a new medium.

Something else you would like an article on?