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Simple Bowl Shape

I prefer making useful objects or artwork to jewelry, which means I make a lot of bowls and boxes. I found a way to make a very simple bowl shape that makes a flat square veneer look much more sophisticated than you would expect.

Lay out the cane tiles to make a square of whatever size you want, and fully flatten and burnish the veneer until you are satisfied.

Carefully drape it over a round form (e.g. a cake pan like these) and slowly smooth it down with your fingers, shaping the clay to the new shape.

I find that spraying some water on the bowl helps as you’re re-shaping the clay.

Bake as normal, and if you want a flat-ish bottom you can remove it from the form as soon as it’s done baking and set it upright on a table. It will flatten slightly on the bottom and make it less tippy when cooled.

Sand and finish as normal.

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