Hyper Spiral (#40)

$90.00 $72.00


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Physical dimensions:

  • Length: 5.6 in / 14.2 cm
  • Barrel width: 0.4 in / 1.1 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 oz / 34 g

Your pen comes with an EasyFlow 9000 Schmidt medium black ink, such as https://www.amazon.com/Pack-Schmidt-easyFLOW-9000-Black/dp/B00M0VVDTE

It can be refilled with any Parker-style refill, you may choose from a wide variety of colors in either gel or ballpoint. They are available online, as well as in office-supply stores.


Please do not leave your pen anywhere that it will be exposed to extreme heat or cold, such as in a parked car. This can cause the pen finish to crack and/or the ink to dry out.

Use a fine automotive or plastic polish to clean or remove fine scratches. Apply the polish to the pen, let it dry, and then buff with a clean cloth.